Does your marriage need to be

Rekindled? Refocused? Renewed?

We welcome you to an experience for covenant marriages focused on transparent interactions, outdoor relaxation & healthy eating that is based around Biblical principles to reconnect your marriage.


It wasn't easy.
Marriage never is.

Drawing from their 40 years of marriage experience, complementary health backgrounds, and training as marriage facilitators, Mark and Mary Axness want to support the reconnection of your marriage.

Marriage journeys can become unequally yoked or maybe just need a little refreshment. professional Counseling typically provides the best results when there is a specific goal in mind. However we focus on transparent communication, healthy eating, and Biblical principles to provide a series of interactions where you can practice awareness within yourself and with each other in a safe cottage setting.

What you take away is a restorative experience and practical tools that you can apply in your own marriage.



Drs. Mark and Mary Axness are superlative ministers of The Gospel. Their unique and practical approach to marriage ministry is refreshing and encouraging to couples of all ages. Mark and Mary have extensive training in Biblical studies and marriage ministry. They use their personal experience in overcoming challenges within marriage to lift up others and demonstrate the victory of a Christ-centered marriage. We highly recommend their cottage-style retreat center. Your marriage will be renewed; your Biblical understanding of relationships will be enlightened; your spirit, soul, and body will be refreshed, and you will never be the same!
-- Drs. Paul & Karyl Stanton, Oklahoma