Where is the Retreat center located?

Our cottage-style retreat center is located on 4.5 acres of land in Newnan, Georgia which is part of Metro Atlanta and just south of the airport. The property was meticulously selected and renovated to give couples a home away from home.

What can I expect at the retreat?

First and foremost we provide a safe and relaxing environment. That sets the stage for video instruction, interactive & physical activities, as well as private time for couples to have with each other. And to wrap it all together, we provide health delicious meals to enjoy throughout your stay with us. In fact, we find people come back after the retreat to take health classes and learn how to make the food that was provided.

What results can couples expect to see after attending the retreat?

The retreat uses actions not words to flush these out:

  • Rediscover each other
  • Communicate in a non-hostile manner
  • Discover honor in their relationship
  • Reconnection in the marriage
  • Better understanding of forgiveness and grace
  • See your spouse with a new lens
  • Refresh priorities from God's covenant marriage perspective

How should I pack for the 3-day retreat weekend?

We recommend casual and comfortable. There's plenty of outdoor walking and hiking available, with relaxation time allotted for you to rest.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Once you register for an event, we will forward a questionnaire for specific pieces of information to best serve your dietary needs.

Do you offer child care?

Unfortunately no childcare is provided.

Who should come to the Retreat?

Every couple can find their marriage in need of reconnection at some point. Your retreat facilitators celebrate 40 years of marriage together and have helped other couples with their marriage as certified instructors. Each person can bring something practical away from the retreat if they are willing to learn.

Who are the people NOT suited for your retreat?

This retreat would NOT be appropriate for couples who already filed for divorce, spouses having an extra-marital affair, or those dealing with chemical addiction.

What are the main hurdles for people at the retreat?

During our time with couples, we have come across some common hurdles they typically face. Couples need to feel safe and often if one spouse does not want to attend, they'll typically be at least curious to come and try the healthy delicious food offered at the retreat.

1) I don't want to be lectured.
We offer interactive sessions where couples learn about each other in a group setting.

2) I don't feel at ease in group settings.
Our atmosphere is full of warmth and safety. You'll be with other couples who probably have some of the same concerns but most folks are very cordial. We welcome couples to explore their hearts and bring fresh insights that we all can identify and use together.

3) I need private space.
After each interactive module, couples take specific topics and share with others privately to follow-up later with their spouse to counteract any dread in addressing the topic.

4) I don't like certain topics.
We all have life events ranging from unpleasant to hot button topics. This is why we give you tools to reign over issues and keep loving connections.


What if our marriage is unequally yoked or one spouse is a non-believer?

If the non-believing spouse chooses to attend, we will do everything to help he or she be at ease and keep the atmosphere respectful. However everything we do is based on Biblical principles and scriptural references.


What is your refund policy?

We take meticulous care to plan and prepare for the event, desiring to meet your needs during your time with us. We do our best to keep costs and stress down so deposits will be refunded for any retreat or workshop cancellations that are at least 7 business days before the start date of the event. All other events are non-refundable. If you're unsure whether our experiences would benefit you, we welcome you to contact us with any questions here and review our testimonials here.