Health Classes with Mary

Your journey of healthy home chef cooking begins with eating for your gut health. Whole food preparations are not exactly the same as traditional stove top or baked casserole dishes. I take you through the steps to touch, smell, taste, and blend with garden spices (organic fresh home herbs) to bring out pure flavor and enhance both plant-based or cooked foods.

Once you learn my techniques, even your meat-loving families and friends will be surprised and glad that your food doesn't taste or smell like grass juice. Of course, juicing is a component of healthy eating. Many spouses, once they taste how deliciously simple either carrot or apple juice can taste, are more than happy to come along as your kitchen prep team! As the family is brought together, I find that children and grandchildren also become very happy eaters once introduced to quality foods.

The goal is a gradual transition to consume less and less processed foods by learning to use various varieties of vegetables, fresh garden herbs, sprouting grain-seeds, homemade salad dressings, snacks, probiotic foods, and more. Living foods are what our bodies crave. By beginning the journey to replace processed foods with whole foods, we can return to God's original design of eating and living well. The natural outcome is a higher quality of life with good digestive health, fat loss, improved sleep, and better energy.

3 versions of Delicious Beginnings classes

  • Delicious Enzymes class for 4 hours to prepare 7 courses.
  • Organic Herb & Spice Creations class for 2.5 hours to create your own salad dressings and sauces.
  • Preventive health-equipping class for 5 days by putting it all together from 9a-5p. Enjoy cooking, tasting, and using various kinds of kitchen tools and recipes. Engage in discussions on healing foods including what, when and why our bodies utilize whole foods. By the end of this class, you can turn your own kitchen into an eat-to-live center.

Class Testimonials

Absolutely enjoyable. Facilities are very clean and wonderfully set up with fun activities. Very knowledgeable instructor. I would love to invite others to upcoming events.
-- Kathy, R.N., Georgia

Very tasty foods, all are very fresh, instructions are so easy to follow, and enjoyed all the spices. Instructor is obviously very passionate about eating healthy with beautiful presentations and really amazing flavors. I feel at home and encouraged to learn about enzyme-rich foods. As a guy, I now can connect the knowledge of why my body needs quality nutrition.
-- E. E., Georgia

It was a lot of fun. As a guy and a pilot, I really enjoyed the event and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty foods made from home can be so flavorful. I didn’t even feel sleepy after eating such rich foods and dessert. My favorite is the rice-noodle with seaweed. I purchased Volume 1 of your Delicious Enzyme.
-- J. Brown, Georgia