Rekindle Retreat

We offer a Christian marriage retreat center for
covenant relationships to reconnect their marriage.




Marriage starts in love but even the best marriages can get off-track. It's not that spouses stop loving each other but they can simply stop showing it when healthy communication and mutual needs are not consistently experienced in the marriage. Think of a low-burning ember as an analogy. The fire is still there but just needs some help to be rekindled. We use selective materials that we have successfully applied, taught, and can attest to their effectiveness in providing a unity in friendship to help ignite a vibrant marriage.

We provide an informal but structured atmosphere. Couples do practical exercises together but we keep participation voluntary. Nobody is forced to interact because some will just absorb the information instead of participating. For example, men typically process internally but they can get the same value at the retreat as their spouse who could be more of an external processor. Rekindling your marriage starts with transparency. In celebrating 40 years of marriage despite a journey that was not easy, we are transparent to share our failures and victories in establishing a safe setting to schedule different topics of discussion.

It is important to note that the retreat won't feel like a dry textbook. We don't preach at you. We interact with you. Given our own personal experience with professional marriage counseling, it can often just pull off the scab and make you re-live the hurt. You need transparent facilitators who overcame their scars to share their own story. Very minimal counseling is offered at the retreat however if we discover issues that need professional counseling, we can offer a referral to an outside professional.

Familiar resources like the church, family, or friends can be ill-equipped or biased to help walk out your marriage issues. We cannot fix your marriage but God’s presence and a safe environment can transform your situation. We simply highlight areas with direction from The Holy Spirit that need communication, repentance, and intentionality in applying what you learn at the retreat.




When you make a decision to rekindle your marriage, there is nothing in this world that deserves more attention. We encourage couples that make this decision to put aside other cares in their lives and refocus exclusively on their marriage. This is accomplished at the retreat by offering relational connection through healthy eating in the kitchen, relaxing by the fire pit, and spending time next to the lake.

The Heavenly Father has the perfect diet plan for His own (Genesis 1:26-29). Mary is passionate about building health and strengthening people through healthy eating. Utilizing her background in nutrition and supplementation, you will eat living foods filled with delicious enzymes that are fresh from garden to table. Couples will even have the opportunity do some of the cooking with Mary. As you learn about the importance of enzyme functions and how nutritional deficiency can lead to malnutrition and dis-ease, you'll find that personal health is intricately linked to your marriage.

At the retreat, you will be introduced to a new awareness of healthy foods like the pictures illustrated above (including some international infusion cookings). Keep the following steps in mind as you refocus your health:
Detox through removing the bad.
Rebuild through putting in the good.
Sustain through building a strong immune system.




As issues are discussed at the retreat, the atmosphere is kept non-confrontational. Instead we encourage couples to approach each other as The Holy Spirit reveals the truth of what He says about their individual identity and their marriage together. You will be given practical tools to address common marriage issues so that you can practice them at the retreat and then take them home like you're leaving with a marriage suitcase full of tools.

We don't want to focus on placing blame and instead encourage each individual to look at themselves and not the spouse. Separate breakout sessions are offered for men and women to process deeper with each other. Wives typically are the driver in couples attending the retreat however we have found that husbands end up being the ones who don't want to leave.

The ultimate goal of the retreat is for couples to come into a place of prayer for their marriage and family. You will find this experience is a place of trust and unity to cultivate prayer within the transparency offered at the retreat.