What others are saying

Drs. Mark and Mary Axness are superlative ministers of The Gospel. Their unique and practical approach to marriage ministry is refreshing and encouraging to couples of all ages. Mark and Mary have extensive training in Biblical studies and marriage ministry. They use their personal experience in overcoming challenges within marriage to lift up others and demonstrate the victory of a Christ-centered marriage. We highly recommend their cottage-style retreat center. Your marriage will be renewed; your Biblical understanding of relationships will be enlightened; your spirit, soul, and body will be refreshed, and you will never be the same!
-- Drs. Paul & Karyl Stanton, Oklahoma

We love your marriage group. It encourages us a lot, the teachings are so great, and very relatable to real life. The fellowship is awesome. We pray, we believe, and stand in faith for things. We prayed together for me to get pregnant and our daughter is 2 now! The food is like a 5-star restaurant at your house, it was the first time I ever saw my husband eat carrots. He is a very picky eater but he ate your food. It's so good and healthy! We can't wait to get back to Atlanta to join your group again! Thank you for doing what you do!
-- Raquel T, Florida

Pam and I have known Mark and Mary for many years. Having even traveled overseas together with them, we have found them to be some of the most gracious and reliable people we have met. Mark and Mary have a genuine heart for people. Possessing outstanding character, they hold a deep desire to help people be victorious in their life journey.
-- Pastors J & P King, Oklahoma

Sure miss you being in Tulsa. Your health information and recipes have been such a blessing to many of us! I feel better and have so much more energy when following your recipe wisdom. Wishing you a great turnout in Georgia.
-- Julie T, Oklahoma

Thank you Mary. Your healing testimony is very powerful and you two have been a great encouragement. Thanks and may God continue to work through you in amazing ways out in the East Coast.
-- Garth P, Oklahoma

It was refreshing, life changing, and now we are communicating and praying together as a couple. The home environment is powerful and we feel truly blessed.
-- Tim & Tammy, Georgia

We enjoyed the marriage fellowship and what we experienced was great. Felt totally safe always, love you guys!
-- P, Georgia